Based and operating in Ontario, we are the only Network of its kind for Personal Support Workers.

We are the professional voice for PSWs.

We are proud to be the professional voice for PSWs in Ontario.

We bring support and resources to PSWs. 

Our Board Members and advisory committees consist of all PSWs and frontline health care workers who are actively working in the field in various sectors from LTC to Home Care, Community, Agency, Hospice, or Education. 

As PSWs, we follow Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, which is to care for the person as a whole.

We do the same for our PSWs.

We care for our PSWs, members, partners and sponsors as a whole.

Our Mission:

Here at The Canadian PSW Network, we are driven by a single goal: to do our part in making the world a better place for all PSWs and frontline Healthcare workers at ground level.

As PSWs, we are all actively working in the field, and we follow Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs - which is to care for the person as a whole.

We do the same for our PSWs.

We care for our members, partners and supporters as a whole.

Our Vision:

PSWs are the circulatory system of Healthcare. In a world where society continues to age in large numbers, we find PSWs are also leaving at an equally alarming rate. We need to ensure our PSWs who provide these critical care services are staying in the field, and are properly taken care of to ensure the care being provided is the best, top quality care possible.

There are very few supports for PSWs, and they often turn to their peers and colleagues for support, because only they truly know what the life of a PSW and frontline worker is like.

Our goal is to provide these monumentally important resources for our care providers who continually put their own personal health and well being aside, just so they can keep the care in health care.

The Canadian PSW Network was founded in Ontario in 2018 to improve the PSW industry by offering direct support and resources. They are the preferred voice for PSWs because of their commitment to professionalism, integrity and advocacy to establishing positive change for the future of the PSW profession.

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